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Worship 11 AM

What to expect

Pine Run feels like a country church tucked-away in the heart of Clairton, the city of prayer.  On Sunday mornings a few dozen folks gather for worship. We come from different backgrounds, communities, generations, and economic situations.  We celebrate church holidays with special emphasis on Christmas Eve, Palm Sunday, Easter, and Pentecost celebrations. God has blessed us with wonderful musicians and we are grateful for all who share their gifts. We invite kids to come down front or stay where they are for a short discussion on what the "big kids" will be talking about.  After the children's moment we sing the kids out as they head downstairs for children's church.  We're not a fussy church - we rejoice in the sound of crying children and the vocal expressions of our friends on the spectrum - we make a joyful noise and want you to make some joyful noise as well.   

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